Saturday, 22 June 2013

Parquet Flooring – Traditional and Bang Up to Date

Parquet flooring is a traditional type of flooring that dates back centuries. For a while, this type of flooring went out of fashion in favour of more minimalist designs, in particular strip flooring. However, now parquet flooring is making a strong comeback, partly due to a renewed interest in traditional techniques and designs and also because of the beauty it adds to an interior.

Naturally Wood also offer our range of Legacy woodblocks which are thicker, tongue & grooved blocks. . This solid flooring was often used in larger public buildings, such as schools and churches. It can, also, create interesting floor designs and can be suitable for particular site conditions..

Traditional Qualities of Parquet Flooring

A parquet floor has a number of qualities that made it an appealing choice for palaces, grand country homes or town houses.  Here are some of its main virtues.

Status – A few centuries ago, the intricate patterns of parquet flooring would have been an indicator of status, wealth, taste and refinement. A simple strip wood floor would have been seen as too basic for upper class homes. Parquet designs in the form of panels became fashionable in the 17th century after a distinctive design was laid on the floors of Versailles Palace. This type of panelled parquet flooring became known as ‘Versailles’.

Hardwearing – The durable battens, make for a very stable floor which is suitable for heavy traffic and many years of use. The complexity of design can help to hide any wear which does occur as the eye is automatically drawn to the patterns, rather than the surface of the wood itself.

Design Variety – Parquet flooring offers a wide variety of designs, including herringbone, which is the most popular, double herringbone, 5:1 basket, chevron and basket weave, single basket weave and double basket weave, with many other designs being available in parquet panel form.  Intricate borders and motifs add individuality and create very unique flooring.

Easy Maintenance – Small, standard blocks are easier to produce than long strips, so were a practical choice in the days when everything was made by hand. Smaller blocks are also easier to replace individually, if damaged.

Decorative - A complex pattern works well in a large space, which may otherwise feel stark and empty - for example, halls and ballrooms -  and helps to make a large space feel cosy and intimate, as well as providing instant decoration. 

Modern Parquet Flooring

Recent years have seen various types of flooring innovations that make parquet an ideal choice for contemporary flooring. As the techniques of producing parquet battens have been modernised, it remains an attractive and convenient option that works well in modern homes.

Colours – Parquet is available in light colours and simple styles that are in keeping with contemporary design trends. Lighter colours make a small room appear larger and the range of light timber available makes it easier for smaller spaces to accommodate a parquet design. One such example of this is the Palladio Mitred Bordered Basket Panel 4:1 design in Canadian maple, which is a stunning flooring choice for a modern home or business.

Patterns and Finishes – Parquet is a way of injecting interest into the floor design, while keeping the practicality of a wooden floor. As well as the patterns featured above, there are a choice of finishes, including lacquered for a high gloss result.

Variety of Widths – Parquet offers a variety of flooring widths up to 210 mm. The various widths and lengths of parquet battens give a much broader range of design possibilities. 

Fashionable Timbers – The choice of timber for solid wood flooring is no longer limited to the traditional options such as Oak or Walnut. Parquet is also available in a variety of high fashion, exotic timbers, such as Wenge, Merbau and Teak. Maple has also become a popular choice for light and airy, contemporary interiors.

Parquet Panels – Ready assembled panels produce impressive results.

Uniqueness – As well as the variety of parquet designs,  the addition of borders and motifs will produce a completely original floor design.  For example, the Grill design border, Amazakoue and Oak, in our Palladio range has a superb modern design that looks striking in a contemporary home.

Under floor Heating – Parquet is compatible with under floor heating, so you not only get the choice of a stunning design, but you can enjoy all the warmth and cosiness that this type of modern heating provides.

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